Welcome to our student gallery. Here each month, we add new examples of the fantastic work our students have painted following Graham's tutorials.  Where possible we've credited the photo's but if the student has asked to remain anonymous we've obliged.

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APRIL 2021

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Cindy lives in a lovely small lake community in Brookfield, CT US.  Besides painting she's pretty physical, enjoying the outdoors especially walking a few miles a day (before COVID I was into yoga and Zumba as well.) She is now retired, with grandchildren, husband and not forgetting her dog...

She says: "I really was inspired to paint about 7 years ago visiting an art colony (not much left of that now) in a beautiful fishing village in Gloucester, MA. I love being near the ocean when ever I can and want to paint more boat scenes.  I took a few workshops to get familiar with watercolor, however, books and YouTube (and now Graham) have been my teachers. I love the options that it gives whether loose or not so much.  I get the most enjoyment out of painting people, and really want to get better at painting scenes of all sorts."

Our Featured student

This month it's we're looking at just some of the fantastic paintings by Cindy Yeates.

April 2021