What equipment do I need?

Well, I don't use lots of colours, in fact, here's list of tutorials you can do using just three colours (honestly, just three), two brushes and some watercolour paper...

What do i use?

Tubes from a professional, rather than student range give better results as a general rule but if you're starting out use what you have that are similar to my colours. Mixing can be your friend, but if you want vibrant bright colours I use:

  • Winsor Lemon
  • Quinacridone Gold


  • Cobalt Blue
  • Cerulean blue


  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  • Permanent Rose

… and in the interests of full disclosure, I occasionally reach for Winsor Green and Winsor Violet, but not very often. I really recommend using a nice ceramic plate or if you feel like treating yourself the Tom Lynch palette is perfect.

Palette & pigments


I use only three brushes

  • A 1 inch flat head
  • A Size 16 head round
  • A Size 10 round head..

I use the Robert Wade Neef brushes which are available at APVfilms.com. And thats probalby best in Europe/Internationally.

If you're in the USA you can use 'Robert Simmons' white sable brushes, these are synthetic and are what I recommend to my USA students, the sizes are a bit different so I'd get a 10 and 14 round and a 1 inch flat.

I recommend both of these sets these during my workshops depending which country i'm in (just in terms of delivery).



If you're a beginner I recommend a good block pad to work from, I use them all the time and it saves the hassle of stretching your'e paper. The Saunders Waterford is a nice starting point and its a lovely paper to create my style.


Just choose a great size that can lay in several adjustable angles to suit your preferred level. This is a very personal choice, so try to find one you're happy with.